new SCentS

bilou - Made with love and paSSion. YummY fraGranceS to Sweeten Your daY.

Shower foam, Cream foam, bodySpraY aND hand foam


Creamy Shower Foam


Gentle Cream Foam


Gentle haNd Foam


„2iN1“ bOdYSPrAY

bilou iS Available iN the followinG German druGStoreS:










IN AuStriA, bilou iS available At:


In Switzerland You Can find bilou aT Manor aND Müller

In the UK, bilou IS excluSively available At: SuperDruG

From now oN, bilou iS alSo available iN SerbiA: excluSively At: Dm

SmellS like freShlY-baked donutS with a fruity Strawberry IciNG – Simply ScrumptiouS!

SmellS irresistibly like tantalizing mint ice cream with Sky blue blueberrieS - heaven iS a place on earth!

ONly Available for a Short time - bilou Limited Edition



haS a delicate, Sweet smell like Snow-Covered flowerS in the wintertime – let it SnoW!

GeNtle hand foam

SmellS of warm and Creamy vanilla Caramel CandieS ...CaramelliciouS!

haS a SparklinG fruitY aroma like an OranGe Soda with a SplaSh of Sweet Grapefruit – here ComeS the Sun!

haS the freSh aroma of a GliSteninG Mountain lake ...Shine briGht!

haS an exotiC flowerY and fruity SCent that iS Seductive with a hint of paSSion fruit

aND Guava  – tropical vibeS!

GeNtle hand foam

 boaStS the EnticinGlY Sweet Smell of exotic fruitS  ...SunShine feelinG!

bilou DaiSy handS haS a fruitY, flowerY Scent like a Colourful Summer meadow

...Sweet daiSY daY!

SmellS like freSh lemon Cream on a Summery day – Sweet & CreamY

 ...Yum Yum!

bilou Shower Foam + bodySpraY – ONly available aS a Set for a Short time!

SmellS velvety Sweet like deliciouS ApricotS  ...Soooo in love!

GeNtle hand foam

SmellS FreSh AND fruity –

like A Sweet And juicY Watermelon.

perfect SummerSplaSh ... Yeah!

SMELLS like delicate Cherry bloSSomS in a Gentle SprinG breeze ... You'll fall in love

haS a Sweet Caramel fraGranCe like toaSted AlmondS ...juSt like maGic!

ONly Available for a Short time - bilou Limited Edition



haS an irreSiStible SuGarY Scent like

tart SuGar plumS ...xOxO!

haS an irresistible SuGarY SCent like

Sweet red CherrieS ...xOxO!

SmellS Fruity AND freSh,

like a CriSp Green ApPle

... So Cooooool!


SmellS juSt like a tropical paradiSe, with noteS of Creamy Coconut and tropical MadaGaScan vanilla ...Aloha!

A deliciouS, Summery fraGrance of

juicy melonS and fruity

raSpberrieS – Sweet Summertime!

ONly Available for a Short time - bilou Limited Edition

SmellS just like a fluffy Cloud of

Cotton Candy, SWeet And Caramel

... AbSolute heaven!

SmellS fruity-Flowery like a Colourful Shower of petalS – haPPY SprinGtime!



SmEllS like deliciouS vanilla Cake with SuGary ConfettI –

we loooove it ...

SmellS like a moiSt Chocolate hazelnut CakE with An ExtrA CreamY toppinG. WelCome to Choco-heaven!

SmellS like Sun-ripened peacheS – exotic And fruity – like a warm Summer EVeNING ... Simply lovely!

SmellS fruitY and freSh, like a tinGlY berry Shower with a lemon Spritzer. very berryliciouS!

SmellS like refreShinG aND juicy

Mandarin OranGeS mixed with Sweet

vanilla Ice Cream – yummy yummy


All our products have been tested for skin compatibility. Skin compatibility has been tested by dermatologists using an epicutaneous test from Dermatest and confirmed with the quality seal “Dermatest excellent”. You will find more information on the test criteria at: and also at dermatest online

A lot of love and passion has gone into bilou products. We want to indulge you in pleasure with the headiest scents you have ever encountered and an extra creamy shower experience.

We take our inspiration for fragrances from all that is delicious and fun...


Bibi (bibisbeautypalace)  has been publishing regular videos about beauty since 2012. In 2014,

this young woman from Cologne decided to develop her own beauty product with her boyfriend Julian.

The creative agency Philosophy Brands GmbH of Heidelberg proved to be the right partner for Bibi

when it came to overall product development and design of bilou products.

From this, the bilou team developed – constantly striving for extraordinary new products.





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