What is the difference compared with other shower gels?

bilou is creamier Compared with other shower gels, bilou shower foams are much creamier. The white foam is super soft and is very easy to work all over the skin; a completely different experience from a gel. bilou with completely new fragrances Our fragrance varieties are also very special. We develop fragrances for bilou products which have never been encountered before. We have come up with all of our fragrances ourselves and developed them in direct collaborations with perfumers, who have perfectly transformed the extraordinary fragrances we imagined into reality. bilou contains good ingredients Of course, we also ensured that our products contain good ingredients: we selected the ingredients for bilou with a great deal of love and care. This is clear from the excellent levels of skin compatibility – that’s why we received the Dermatest grading “very good”.

What is the difference between the creamy shower foam and the caring cream foam?

The difference between the shower foam and the caring cream foam is that the shower foam is for cleansing the body in the shower and the caring cream foam (foam lotion) is intended to care for the skin after the shower.

I have very sensitive skin. Can I use bilou products without any problems?

All our products have been tested for skin compatibility. Skin compatibility has been tested by dermatologists using an epicutaneous test from Dermatest and confirmed with the quality seal “Dermatest excellent”. You will find more information about the test criteria on our philosophy page and at dermatest-garantie.de

Why are certain bilou product varieties available only for a short time?

These bilou products are limited edition or seasonal product offers. We are always striving to amaze you with new fragrances and hope that we continue to surprise you with additional scent creations as we have in the past!

Why are bilou products vegan?

At bilou, we do not use any ingredients derived from animals and our products are 100% vegan. That means that all bilou products are suitable for vegans without exception and the brand has even been added to the positive PETA list. Naturally, we would never support animal testing; such tests are now subject to an overall ban in accordance with Article 18 of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Can you eat bilou products?

No! Even if the products smell sooo good, please don’t eat them. bilou shower foams are cosmetic products which cannot be eaten.

How long can I use my bilou product for?

The aerosol can protects our shower foam really well, making it last longer compared with shower gels. When unopened, the product can therefore last up to three years and even after opening, bilou can be used for 24 months. You will find information about this on the can.

Where are bilou products produced?

In Germany. Quality and sustainability are of course part of our philosophy. Of course, we selected our suppliers personally and with the utmost care. We consciously decided to select mid-sized family businesses which would manufacture our products with the greatest care according to our requirements

Why is the bilou can smaller than other 200 ml aerosol cans?

There are various systems which ensure that the foam comes out of the can. We consciously decided to go for an aerosol which used as few materials as possible. That’s why our bilou can is smaller, despite containing the same amount.

Where can I buy bilou products?

At present, bilou products are available in the Budni drugstores in Hamburg, in all dm drugstores, in the dm Online-Shop, in the Müller drugstores, in the Müller Online-Shop, at Rossmann, in the Rossmann Online-Shop and at Douglas perfumery and Douglas Online-Shop. In Austria, bilou products can be found in all BIPA stores and on the BIPA Online-Shop, at dm drugstore, as well as through the dm Online-Shop, at Müller, in the Müller Online-Shop and at Douglas perfumery and Douglas Online-Shop. In Switzerland, we offer bilou products at Manor and the Manor Online-Shop and at Müller. In China you will find bilou exclusively through cross-border online shops at  Tmall Global and VIP Global. As well as in Ukraine at Solo, Ideashop, SMYK, Epicentr, French cosmetics, Makeup, Parfums, etc. You can also find bilou in Finland at Stockmann and in the Stockmann Online-Shop. In Sweden you can now find bilou at Åhléns and in the Åhléns Online-Shop.

Why were the bilou gift boxes available in limited quantities?

The bilou box set was a promotional offer for Christmas 2016 and therefore was available only as long as supplies lasted. All gift boxes are now sold out. There was another promotional Christmas offer in 2017. The bilou Love Edition boxed set is also available only while stocks last. Allow yourself to be surprised about upcoming fantastic upcoming promotions we come up with.

Where can I purchase bilou promotional material (e.g. display stands, stickers, bags)?

We are currently receiving sooooo many requests for these. We are thrilled that you are so pleased with the bilou material. ☺ However, at the moment this material is available exclusively for our partners and is therefore (still) not available for sale.

Do you still have questions?

We're here for you. Just drop an email to: kontakt@bilou.de